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Lady Jae

Congratulations on your engagement! Our semi-custom wedding collection is a curation of thoughtful handcrafted designs digitally printed on our signature 100% cotton paper (other paper options available). All of our invitations are designed with hand-painted original watercolors paired with custom calligraphy and classic fonts. Although some suites come with a few standard color options, most can be matched to your theme and wording can be amended to be more or less formal. We offer a range of matching paper items, from RSVP cards, enclosures, and envelope liners to day-of pieces such as programs, menus and tags.

why cotton?

Here at Lady Jae Designs we want to do our part to be more environmentally friendly so you can feel good about your paper choice. Paper made from cotton fiber has an easily identifiable, crisp feel. Touch it… snap it… rattle it… no other paper compares. Cotton linters are short fibers and are a by-product of the textile production process. The production of cotton paper is therefore environmentally friendly because it produces no additional environmental impact. And colors appear richer and deeper on cotton fiber paper. It’s also less likely to discolor than papers made from wood pulp. Cotton paper is known for it’s purity, durability and permanence, making it the perfect choice for your fine art wedding invitation.

How Does It Work?

First, have fun browsing our invitation collection. View the pricing & process guide to help you customize your invitation suite, and then purchase your initial design fee which will be credited. That’s all you have to do to get things started!
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