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I’m Lisa. I’m an artist, a wife & mother, a craft-aholic and the founder of Lady Jae Designs. I’m obsessed with paper, fonts and watercolor. I’ve been drawing, painting and doodling since I was a little girl - I liked to color outside the lines (though my mom says it was mostly on the walls)! I spent a decade designing solutions for the web at a large interactive design agency, but glitter, grommets and watercolor had my heart. Longing to color outside the lines again, I left the corporate world behind and took a leap of faith to start my own stationery company in 2005. Lady Jae Designs grew from a lifelong desire to create beautiful things and add a little bit of joy to the lives of others while doing something that makes me truly happy. 
I have never looked back.

When I’m not designing invitations and stationery, you’ll probably find me designing an elaborate halloween costume or over-stepping my bounds with an excessive school project (I can’t seem to help myself). My favorite things outside of creating art are my family, friends and happy hour. Because . . . love + good food + wine = JOY!
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When trying to decide what to call my business I remembered hearing my grandmother calling me the endearing nickname "Lady Jane" (mostly when I was in trouble). My oldest daughter's name is Alexa "Jae" and when I put the two together, “Lady Jae” seemed to be a new take on something "old fashioned". I like to think of my style similarly as a fresh twist on something classic. To me, brilliant design is all about evoking an emotional impression at first glance and striving to redefine the traditional. 

All our

if we have the courage to pursue them.

– Walt Disney

< 2005 NSS

Here’s where it all started! The beginning of a exciting journey that started me on the path to living my live on my own terms doing what I love.

Celebrity Weddings

When Anna Camp and Skylar Astin of Pitch Perfect were planning their wedding, Lady Jae was at the top of their list!
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